The Magic container serve and store solution

No more olive-brine puddles inside your refrigerator

No more pickle-juice spills on your kitchen countertop

No more cherry-syrup splashes soaking your table-cloth

From now on, Serve 'n Store any fluid-immersed foods

The Brinee Way: Elegantly, Simply, Cleanly

Brinee, A Winning mix of innovation and functionality:
Simple and elegant design in bright colors
that graces every table arrangement with a beautiful appearance

Use with - Olives, Relishes, Cucumbers, Sauerkraut, Peppers, Cherries and more

The new and beautiful Liquid Control Serve 'n Store container Your family and guests will love it!!

How does it work?

It's THAT simple!

(Hint: the Syringe Principle)

2 actions 2 serve

1 -> Open the spill-proof lid

2 -> Pull the lever up

2 actions 2 store

1 -> Push the lever down

2 -> Close the spill-proof lid

Food manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers

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